By working with associated instruments, BDQC-2 forms a complete distributed filling control system for petrochemical materials.


Supports flowmeter, temperature transmitter, anti-overflow switch, electrostatic grounding clamp, control valve and workstation etc.


Flameproof grade: ExdIIBT6; Ingress Protection Code: IP65, fit to be installed in on site of the LNG filling.


Flow detection and temperature detection with precision during filling.


Temperature compensation for volumetric flow rate in accordance with API/national standards during filling.


Sequence control, quantitative control, overflow and anti-static interlocking etc. during filling.


Compatible with single/double bottom loading arm(s) and bottom filling of multiple tanker compartments.


Supports real time blending filling adjustment and additives injection while filling.


Seamlessly and accurately controls valve output, transitioning from opening valve at low flowrate to maintaining high flow rate to closing valve at low flowrate, effectively reducing splashing.


Chinese/English bilingual display.


Magnetic control electronic keys on the panel are completely isolated from the instrument structure, ensuring long-term durability in harsh environment.


Standard serial port interface.


Supports 3 modes of data input for operations: local, IC card, and verification code.